RA PDF Class

Want to know a secret?

Although PDF stands for "Portable Document Format" PDFs aren't really documents. Therefore, the text you see on a PDF isn't really text either. That said, they are entirely translatable with the right set of tools.

Unlocking the Secrets of PDFs

The ubiquity of the PDF makes it inevitable that translators will come across this file type at one time or another. Most linguists simply accept the format as a way of life and try thier best to work around the limitations of PDFs. However, few translators know that the majority of PDFs can be transformed to text-accessable and formatting-friendly files, often with very little effort. Through this process PDFs become as usable as a Word document and can be translated as such or loaded into any CAT tool environment.

Over the course of a weekend in this 100% online session we will examine:

  1. the anatomy of a PDF and how they are "born"
  2. ways to transform PDFs
  3. when a PDF should be transformed and when other options should be considered
  4. communicating with your client about the PDF format
  5. the translation service options available for PDFs and...
  6. how to handle pricing when working with a PDF as source.

Technical Requirements

Windows PC with high-speed internet connection and full version of Microsoft Word installed


  • How to identify "soft" vs "hard" PDFs and the technologies used to build them
  • The two main types of tools for transforming PDF documents to usable copy
  • How to ask your client the right questions and get the answers you need
  • The service offerings you should be providing to clients when they request translation of PDFs


December 8th & 9th (must attend both days!)
6:00pm-9:00pm ET (3:00pm-6:00pm PT)

NOTE: This course is taught 100% online. You will meet the instructor and all your classmates in a "virtual classroom." Before each class you will be emailed attendance information which will enable audio and video access within the classroom. Students can attend from anywhere if they have a stable high-speed internet connection.

Sign Up!

Registration on or before December 1st:
$250.00 USD
Registration after December 1st:
$300.00 USD

Please email Jon (jon@ritzdorfacademy.com) to register and obtain payment information.

Please feel free to forward this announcement onto your translation colleagues!